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All  Compliance Based Modules Are Designed:

· By former EEOC Attorneys and / or Directors and reviewed by a former General Counsel

· To comply with Federal compliance laws and regulations

· To meet the compliance requirements for all 50 states

· With  a booklet and Tri-fold Glossary of Terms and Quick Reference Guide

· To provide an online Certificate upon completion

· To be highly interactive and maintain the learner’s attention

· To be completed within 2 hours with the convenience of bookmarks to allow learners to pause the session

· To be completely auditory or print text to accommodate learner with sensory specific learning needs

· To customize the case studies, stories and hypotheticals to relate to your industry

· To allow for Add-ons for optimal effectiveness

o Webinars or Onsite Train-the-Trainer sessions

o Feed-back and answers to questions via telephone and email

Workshops & Seminars

*Every course is customized to integrate your organizations policies and procedures and any other information you choose to include.*

EEO Compliance  Training

Ensure your managers learn the fundamentals of workplace discrimination throughout the employment lifecycle - from hiring, to performance management, to terminations. This program addresses both disparate treatment discrimination and disparate impact discrimination under all of the federally protected categories.  

This one day workshop is story based and  highly interactive, providing participants with practical examples and applications of the statutes that regulate employment decisions.

Managers will be provided:

Updates in the employment statutes

  • Title VII
  • ADA
  • ADEA
  • FMLA
  • Uniform Serviceman’s Employment and Employment Rights Act (USERRA)
  • Nuisances in the statutes application
  • Information on issues that have caused legal issues for other employers
  • Information to assist  in operating and managing effectively, without violating the rights of employee

This result, heightened insulation from lawsuits.


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